The Story


The two owners, Stacy and Willy both have deep Taiwanese roots. Stacy was born and raised in Taiwan and Willy’s parents are from Taiwan as well. They met while pursuing their MBAs at Cornell University in New York.

During the time that Stacy was in this country, she was amazed by the diverse culture and how much the people would learn and embrace new ideas. Stacy was in tech prior to MBA but always has a passion about food and her root. After seeing the popularity of Asian food (Japan, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc) here, She decided to combine her love for food and home and introduced Taiwanese food to this community- Oakland where the culture scene is vigilant and beautiful. At the time, that was the first time Willy left his home, LA and wanted to explore different possibilities in life, meantime searched himself through creating something for his root culture, so he joined the journey together with Stacy.

It certainly hasn’t been easy, there are marks on Stacy’s hands everywhere, there were many challenges and hardships, but the rewarding is immense. You know you are doing something right when you see a lady slurped a whole bowl of beef noodle soup and told you withe smile this was exactly like her mom used to make but she doesn’t know where to find it since her mom left; when you see those who were asking what is Taiwanese food and now have become a regular. Some people find home, some people find new.

Thank you for your interest and for all those who have been a part of our story!

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