Our Story

The two owners, Stacy & Willy, met while pursuing their MBAs at Cornell University in New York. Stacy had just come from Taiwan, where she was born and raised, and Willy was venturing out long-term for the first time from Los Angeles.

The love story is a whole ‘nother saga, but suffice it to say that things moved quickly and Stacy and Willy got married before graduation. Post graduation, Willy’s job was in San Francisco, thus introducing Stacy to the Bay Area. Understanding that he was asking Stacy to come live a life with no other family, no friends, and no career, Willy asked Stacy to first acclimate to the area and then pursue her passion. Neither imagined that, in less than year, Taiwan Bento would be born.

It certainly hasn’t been easy, but Willy uses a simple adage he learned from his dentist in LA as a guiding beacon: only two things are needed for a happy/successful career, but you must have both – do something you have a talent in and are are passionate about, you will succeed and it won’t even feel like work.

Thank you for your interest and for all those who have been a part of our story!

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